For demanding applications: calibrated analog inputs


Theme: For demanding applications: calibrated analog inputs
Speaker: Martin Podrouschek
Date: Tue. 06.10.2020, 10:30 a.m. (UTC+2)
Duration: 30 minutes

In this 20-minute webinar, Martin Podrouschek, product manager for I/O systems, will talk about the calibration of analog inputs. Beckhoff offers a comprehensive device portfolio that is suitable for reading analog values into the controller, including voltages, currents, temperatures or weights. These devices are available as IP20 terminals for mounting on a DIN rail or as IP67 boxes for versatile mounting. In many applications, the analog input devices are installed and operated in the system as delivered by Beckhoff, where they have been calibrated and tested. In special cases, however, proof is required that an analog input complies with the specified measurement uncertainty. For this purpose, a calibration can be carried out and documented by a third party. Depending on the circumstances, a factory working standard calibration certificate, an ISO17025 calibration certificate or even a DAkkS calibration certificate may be required. This webinar also illustrates the solutions Beckhoff has available for such cases.

After the presentation, the speaker will be available for a Q&A session.