Beckhoff Press Releases
Date Theme Press Releases
11.03.2020 Technology Beckhoff Introduces New EP7402 EtherCAT Box for Compact Conveyor Control
26.02.2020 Economy Beckhoff Expands Presence in Charlotte with New Regional Office
20.02.2020 Employees Beckhoff USA Appoints Jacob Schieffer as Central Regional Sales Manager
03.02.2020 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff to Debut New Automation Solutions for Smart Intralogistics at MODEX 2020
19.12.2019 Technology New SCT Current Transformers Complete Sensor-to-cloud Power Measurement Chain
17.12.2019 Technology New TwinCAT Analytics One-Click Dashboard from Beckhoff Provides Tools for Engineering 4.0
12.12.2019 Technology Beckhoff Introduces Smart Engineering Directly in the Cloud
11.12.2019 Technology Husky Injection Molding Systems Honors Beckhoff with EMEA Supplier Award
10.12.2019 Technology New Beckhoff C6025 Industrial PC Boosts Computing Power with Highly Compact, Fanless Design
18.11.2019 Economy German Car Manufacturer to Source Global Supply of Industrial PCs and Control Panels from Beckhoff
02.10.2019 Technology New UPS Series with One Cable Technology Minimizes Installation Work
26.09.2019 Technology Beckhoff Wireless Communication Devices Offer Simple USB Connectivity with Optimum Protection
19.09.2019 Employees Wayne Schmeichel Joins Beckhoff USA as Director of Operations
17.09.2019 Employees Beckhoff USA Strengthens Packaging Market Presence, Hires Mark Ruberg as Industry Manager
10.09.2019 Economy Beckhoff Increases Northeast US Presence with Boston, Philadelphia Area Offices
09.07.2019 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff to Introduce XTS, EtherCAT G and TwinCAT Vision to the US Market at Pack Expo 2019
02.07.2019 Technology XTS Delivers on Promise of Linear Transport Systems and Mechatronics
30.04.2019 Technology Beckhoff Automation Offers OPC UA Integration in TwinCAT Scope Software
25.04.2019 Technology New AMP8620 Supply Module from Beckhoff Accommodates Cabinet-free Servo Drive Installation
17.04.2019 Technology Beckhoff Expands Ultra-compact Industrial PC Line with the New C6032
17.04.2019 Technology Beckhoff Introduces Machine Learning for All Areas of Automation
15.04.2019 Economy Beckhoff Automation Boosts Global Revenue by 13% to 916 Million Euros
14.02.2019 Employees Kevin Barker Selected as New President of Beckhoff Automation LLC
07.02.2019 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff to Premier New EtherCAT Solutions, Compact Embedded Controllers at ProMat 2019
11.12.2018 Technology Beckhoff Extends EtherCAT Measurement Module Portfolio with ELM314x Economy Line
05.12.2018 Technology Beckhoff Reveals CX7000 Embedded PC as New Entry-Level PC-Based Controller
04.12.2018 Technology Beckhoff Announces New TwinSAFE Logic Solutions for More Modular, Scalable Safety
29.11.2018 Technology Beckhoff Introduces EtherCAT G to Provide Next-Level Gigabit Performance
04.10.2018 Economy Beckhoff Expands Operations in California with New Carlsbad Office
06.09.2018 Technology TwinCAT IoT Communicator Provides Secure Transfer of Process Data to Mobile Devices
30.08.2018 Economy New Beckhoff Office in Laval, Quebec Strengthens Company’s Canadian Presence
23.08.2018 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff AMP8000 Distributed Servo System to Debut in North America at Pack Expo 2018
14.08.2018 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff to Showcase New Smart Factory Technologies at Hannover Messe USA 2018
12.07.2018 Technology Beckhoff Introduces TwinCAT 3 Building Automation: Next Generation Building Control Software
11.07.2018 Technology ELX Series EtherCAT Terminals from Beckhoff Expanded with TwinSAFE SC Technology
10.07.2018 Technology Beckhoff IoT Edge Device Provides Simple Path to Industrie 4.0-enabled Process Technology
03.05.2018 Technology Beckhoff Releases New EtherCAT Terminals for Mains Monitoring, Process Control and Power Monitoring
02.05.2018 Technology Beckhoff Automation Expands Ultra-Compact Industrial PC Series with the New C6017
02.05.2018 Economy Beckhoff Automation Increases Revenue by 19 Percent to 810 Million Euros
15.03.2018 Technology Beckhoff Introduces Entry-level Touch Panels with 10.1-inch Widescreen Displays
08.02.2018 Technology New Beckhoff EL3783 EtherCAT I/O Provides Monitoring and Diagnostics of Alternating Voltages Up to 690 V AC
13.12.2017 Technology New Beckhoff EL922x EtherCAT I/O Provides System-integrated Overcurrent Protection
07.12.2017 Technology New EK1000 Bus Coupler from Beckhoff Connects EtherCAT with TSN Networks
06.12.2017 Technology Beckhoff Expands Ultra-compact Industrial PC Series with the New C6030
05.12.2017 Technology New Beckhoff AMP8000 Distributed Servo Drive System Promotes Space Savings
05.12.2017 Technology Beckhoff Automation Introduces TwinCAT Vision Software
11.10.2017 Technology Beckhoff Integrates New HART Functionality into TwinCAT Software and I/O System
24.08.2017 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff System-Integrated Solutions at Pack Expo 2017: from Automation to HMI to IIoT
29.06.2017 Technology New CP6906 Control Panel from Beckhoff Expands Entry-Level Product Offering
27.06.2017 Technology More Beckhoff PC-based Controllers Earn Microsoft Azure™ Certification
03.05.2017 Technology Beckhoff Unveils New CPX Series Control Panels for Use in Hazardous Areas
03.05.2017 Technology New EtherCAT Terminals Directly Connect with Field Devices Located in Ex Zone 0
02.05.2017 Economy Beckhoff Automation Increases Sales by 9.5 Percent to 679 Million Euros
18.04.2017 Technology New BACnet MS/TP Interface from Beckhoff Connects up to 64 BACnet Field Devices
01.12.2016 Technology Beckhoff Integrates OPC UA Pub/Sub UDP Extension into TwinCAT 3 Software
30.11.2016 Technology Beckhoff Introduces Many-core Control Hardware in Embedded PC Form Factor
30.11.2016 Technology Beckhoff Introduces New EtherCAT Measurement Technology Module Series
29.11.2016 Technology Ultra-compact C6015 IPC from Beckhoff Offers Extreme Space-savings and Flexibility
15.11.2016 Employees Beckhoff Automation LLC Promotes Doug Schuchart to Northeast Region Manager
27.10.2016 Economy Beckhoff USA Boosts East Region Infrastructure with New Ohio Office
25.10.2016 Technology Space-Saving Beckhoff Servo Terminals Now Feature Safe Torque Off Functionality
12.10.2016 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff IoT Pavilion at Pack Expo 2016 to Showcase Smart Factory Solutions
28.09.2016 Economy Beckhoff USA Strengthens Sales Network with New South Region Headquarters
09.08.2016 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff to Highlight System-Integrated IoT Hardware and Software Tools at IMTS 2016
20.07.2016 Technology Beckhoff EtherCAT P I/O System Minimizes Field-Level Cabling and Assembly Costs
18.05.2016 Technology Beckhoff Releases New EL3751 Multi-function Measurement Terminal
11.05.2016 Technology Beckhoff Automation Introduces Compact CX8190 Embedded PCs
05.05.2016 Technology Beckhoff Introduces New EtherCAT Plug-in I/O Modules with Compact Drive Technology
04.05.2016 Technology Beckhoff "Azure™ Certified" I/O Modules Provide Direct Connectivity to Microsoft Cloud
04.05.2016 Technology "Plug-and-Cloud" with the New IoT Bus Coupler from Beckhoff
29.04.2016 Economy Beckhoff North America Records 6.5 Percent Revenue Growth in 2015
29.04.2016 Economy Beckhoff Automation Increases Sales 22 Percent to 620 Million Euros in 2015
24.03.2016 Tradeshow/Event Experience ‘Integrated Industry’ with Beckhoff at Hannover Messe 2016
03.02.2016 Technology New CX8095 Embedded PC from Beckhoff Links EtherCAT I/O to EtherNet/IP Devices
13.01.2016 Technology New Beckhoff Industrial PC Hardware Delivers Multi-core Performance at a Lower Cost
09.12.2015 Technology Beckhoff Introduces the Era of One Cable Automation with EtherCAT P
02.12.2015 Technology Beckhoff Introduces TwinCAT Analytics: Seamless Recording and Analysis of Process and Production Data
02.12.2015 Technology Beckhoff Automation Announces TwinCAT IoT: Fast, Standardized Connection to the Cloud
30.11.2015 Technology Beckhoff Automation Introduces TwinCAT HMI: Simple, Open and HTML5-based
30.11.2015 Economy Beckhoff Automation Announces New Silicon Valley Technical Center
28.10.2015 Technology New Machine-mountable EtherCAT Box I/O from Beckhoff Enhances PROFINET Applications
28.09.2015 Technology Compact, Multi-axis AX8000 Servo System Offers Maximum Control Speed, Fast Installation
10.09.2015 Technology Beckhoff C6915 IPC Now Offers Quad-core Processor Power in the Smallest Spaces
15.07.2015 Technology Beckhoff Automation Introduces New EtherCAT Box I/O Modules with Die-cast Zinc Housings
09.07.2015 Technology Beckhoff Debuts CP32xx Series: New Multi-touch Panel PCs with Multi-core Power
07.05.2015 Technology Beckhoff Releases New CX8091: Small, Decentralized Controller Supports BACnet Protocol
07.05.2015 Technology Beckhoff Releases New CX8091: Small Local Controller with OPC UA Client and Server
28.04.2015 Technology TwinCAT 3.1 Fully Leverages Many-core Control for Maximum Automation Performance
10.04.2015 Economy Beckhoff Automation Surpasses 500 Million Euro Mark with 17% Increase in Revenue
07.04.2015 Technology New CP-Link 4 from Beckhoff Delivers One Cable Display Link for Industrial Displays
24.03.2015 Technology New Beckhoff XMold and eMold Systems Upgrade Injection Molding Machines
12.02.2015 Technology ‘Plug and Work’ with the New EJ Series EtherCAT I/O Solution for Circuit Boards from Beckhoff
11.02.2015 Technology Beckhoff Automation Introduces “Many-core Machine Control” with New Industrial Server
18.12.2014 Technology Beckhoff Automation Expands AM8000 Line of Compact, Dynamic Servomotors
11.12.2014 Technology Beckhoff Offers SOA-PLC to Integrate Intelligent Devices for Smart Factories
09.12.2014 Economy Aurelio Banda Named President of Beckhoff North America
04.11.2014 Technology New Multi-core Embedded PCs from Beckhoff Target Medium Performance Range
08.10.2014 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff Automation Promotes Industry 4.0 to the Packaging Industry at Pack Expo 2014
22.08.2014 Technology Agreement Between Rockwell and Beckhoff About Linear Motor Technology
21.08.2014 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff Automation Showcases Industry 4.0 Concepts at IMTS 2014
17.07.2014 Technology New Compact 7-inch Panel PCs from Beckhoff Handle All-in-One HMI and Control
16.07.2014 Technology New EL7211 Servo Terminal from Beckhoff Accommodates Higher Performance Motors
10.07.2014 Technology Multi-Touch Meets Multi-Core with Beckhoff’s New CP22xx Panel PC Series
10.06.2014 Technology Beckhoff Releases New Stainless Steel EtherCAT Box I/O with IP 69K Protection
29.05.2014 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff Efficiently Integrates Robot Kinematics into Standard Control Systems
21.05.2014 Technology Beckhoff Automation Releases TwinCAT 3 Automation Interface
13.05.2014 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff Maximizes Packaging Performance with Minimum Materials Usage at Interpack
01.05.2014 Technology New EK9300 PROFINET IO Bus Coupler from Beckhoff is a Gateway Between Networks
30.04.2014 Technology New EL7201-0010 Servo Terminal I/O from Beckhoff Supports One Cable Motors
10.04.2014 Economy Beckhoff Automation GmbH Increases Global Sales by 7% to 435 Million Euros
09.04.2014 Economy German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel Visits Beckhoff Booth at Hannover Messe 2014
11.02.2014 Economy Beckhoff Automation LLC Promotes Aurelio Banda to VP of Sales and Marketing
29.01.2014 Economy Beckhoff Releases New EtherCAT Box for Acceleration and Angle Measurement
16.01.2014 Economy Beckhoff Introduces New Multi-touch Panel PCs for “All-in-One” HMI and Control
23.10.2013 Economy Beckhoff Automation LLC Wins NAIOP Minnesota Award of Excellence for New Headquarters Office
17.10.2013 Economy Beckhoff Automation Welcomes Five New Hires to US Technical Services Group
19.09.2013 Technology Beckhoff Introduces New EP3744 EtherCAT Box for Differential Pressure Measurement
18.09.2013 Technology New Beckhoff AM8500 Servo Motors with Extended Performance Range Suit More Applications
29.08.2013 Technology New CX8093 Embedded PC from Beckhoff Enhances Communication Flexibility
22.08.2013 Economy Beckhoff Automation Adds Two Engineers to US Systems Engineering Group
15.08.2013 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff to Showcase New Solutions for eXtended Automation at Pack Expo 2013
27.06.2013 Economy Beckhoff Automation Opens New Regional Office in Chicago Area
13.06.2013 Technology TwinCAT 3.1 from Beckhoff Adds Valuable New Features for eXtended Automation
22.05.2013 Technology New CX9020 Embedded PC from Beckhoff Boosts Small Controller Performance
18.04.2013 Economy Beckhoff Automation Generates Worldwide Sales of 408 Million Euros in 2012
16.04.2013 Economy Beckhoff Automation Opens New North American Headquarters Office
03.04.2013 Economy Beckhoff Automation LLC Promotes Aurelio Banda to Central Region Manager Position
27.03.2013 Technology New EP9214 EtherCAT Box from Beckhoff Enhances Power Monitoring and Distribution